How We Got Started:

    The Hubris Company was created by Jay Thornton, an Atlanta native and United States Air Force veteran who, once out of service, was left with skin that was less than desirable due to the wear and tear of shaving. The constant shaving, trimming,and cutting facial hair to meet regulations while in the Air Force, mixed with extremely curly hair left Jay with bad pseudofolliculitis barbae which was painful and unsightly. In addition to the bad skin, the facial hair that actually grew out of the skin was untrained, wild, and uneven. Due to all of these factors, he had patches, split ends, and dry/dull looking facial hair that gave me painful bumps on a consistent basis. 

    After trying different methods and suggestions that weren't working for skin repair and facial hair growth. Jay researched, tried/tested, and documented various ways to grow facial hair using products that are chemical-free and 100% natural. Chemicals don't react well on sensitive skin (we found that out the hard way). Research shows that a great way to allow skin to heal from pseudofolliculitis barbae is through letting facial hair grow and training it as it gains length. After over a year of trying various recipes, mixtures and concoctions Jay decided to create his own company centered around Men's Grooming utilizing natural and organic products. With research, trial & error, and great customer service, we have found proven methods, techniques, and products for helping others get their desired facial hair goals!

The thing that makes The Hubris Company different is, we aren't here to sell beard products! We are here to build self esteem, self-confidence, and train in the art of grooming. So, past the sell, we check in with clients, ask if there are any questions or concerns, and work with our cliente to assist them in achieving their goals, step by step

The Beard is just an expression of one's self. The process and art of growing facial hair is something that most men don't understand or are untrained in creating an overall distaste for growing their goatee, mustache, or beard. Using hair as a catalyst, Jay looks to inspire and motive people to express who they are on the inside, outwardly!