The Hubris Company

What is Beard Oil?

    Beard Oil is a hydrating and softening agent for the skin and hair. It provides your skin with the moisture it needs to provide a great environment for your facial hair to stay nice, itch-free, and sufficiently moisturized through-out the day. It also helps to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. Beard oil helps encourage the facial hair to grow out of the skin rather than into it as it does with really curl hair or pseudofolliculitis barbae. Pseudofolliculitis barbae is sometimes an issue that causes pain, discomfort, and unsightly sensitive bumps due to razor bumps, hair growing up/into the skin,or skin irritation. Beard oil helps with some of those annoying issues that comes along with curly hair and growing out your beard assist a lot in the recovery process. 

    Beard oil also helps with flakes or "beard-ruff" and definitely keeps your face smelling fresh, as it acts as a natural cologne for your facial hair. Beard oil stimulates hair to grow because of the natural vitamins found in it. Beard Oil is a great product to help fill in patches, get a fuller/thicker look, and help manage your hair! The Hubris Company's Beard Oil is 100% Natural and Organic so it can be used for your skin and nails. 

Benefits of The Hubris Company Beard Oil:

- Helps with relieving dry & itchy skin
- Stimulates hair growth
- Helps tame beard hair
- Has a relaxing fragrance 
- Helps soften hair
- Moisturizes skin and facial hair
- Packed with vitamins 
- Helps get rid of beard-ruff
- Helps with inflammation

What is Beard Balm?

    Beard Balm is similar to beard oil, however; it typically has a firmer or thicker consistency making it sit on top of hair, which is great for your hair absorbing the nutrients and providing a long lasting moisturizing effect through-out the day. The thickness of balm is awesome for dry skin, brittle hair, and stubborn hairs that won't act right. It provides a decent hold for those side-burns, mustache, and goatee hairs that are unruly. Beard balm is great for guys with medium to long beards due to it's ability to be used as a styling agent, holds really well, and keeps in moisture/nutrients the best. Beard Balm is great for taming fly hairs or strays that won't quite lay down right; the way it grabs onto the hair follicles gives it a styling capacity that is a nice bonus. Beard balm gives an awesome, long lasting shine that should keep you looking and feeling good through the day.  Beard Balm can be used in conjunction with beard oil but, be very careful because it is easy to overdue and get that greasy look that looks a bit oily and unkept.

Benefits of The Hubris Company Beard Balm:

- Relieves dry & itchy skin
- Stimulates hair folicles for growth
- Tames beard hair
- Helps soften hair
- Packed with essential minerals
- Helps get rid of beard-ruff

- Provides a great hold for styling

- Provides moisture through-out the day