Beard Balm

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The Hubris Company Beard Balm:

The Hubris Company Beard Balm is an amazing smelling product that acts like a leave-in conditioner. Our Beard Balm moisturizes, conditions, softens and is perfect for maintaining and styling medium to large beards! Similar to beard oil, the beard balm moisturizes skin and hair to keep itch, flake, and irritation away, while promoting growth and helping you to get that full beard look in addition to being an awesome tool to help soften hard/course hair!. The natural beeswax in our beard oil serves as a potectant and gives it a great styling capability while not compromising the quality of the nutirents you'd like to keep locked in your beard on a daily basis.

Made with all natural:

-Shea Butter

-Cocoa Butter


-Aragon Oil

-Vitamin C oil

-Essential Oils

-Sweet Almond Oil